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"Simplicity is the ultimate form of Sophistication."
- Leonardo Da Vinci

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Who We are The founder of Swapna Srushti, Mr. Vidhyut Shah, might not have known this quote when he first started his journey in 1988. But with simplicity woven into his character, it was bound to be reflected in his designs. With a simple aim of satiating his passion of design and hard work, Mr. Shah founded the firm in 1991. Starting with small private residential projects, the firm today has an expansive portfolio ranging from corporate banks to car showrooms. With more than 20 years of tireless fervour, the firm has carved a niche for itself in the field of interior designing & civil works, in and around Gujarat, Rajasthan & Maharashtra.

With many ups and downs, this is a journey that has moulded and designed the team to crave for the better. Swapna Srushti leaves no stone unturned when it comes to catering the best to its clients with utmost professional integrity. Excellent quality of materials, elegant designs and rich workmanship have become synonymous to Swapna Srushti. The team of committed professionals strive to ensure customer satisfaction and happiness.

The crew at Swapna Srushti, works with only one goal - to design your space with a dedication and enthusiasm, as if it is their own, very own.

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Mission: Swapna Srushti aims to provide the best in the field of Interior Designing & Civil Construction to the clients. Personalized designs using the best quality material and a very strong work ethic are the key features that set Swapna Srushti apart. We believe in crafting everything locally, thus supporting our local communities as well. Over the years, we have built strong and meaningful relationships in our community; the trust of our partners in us is the reward we’ve earned out of so many years of authenticity and truthfulness. We exist to create spaces where passion and purpose come together beautifully.
Vision Swapna Srushti started as a one-man show dedicated to provide the most authentic, genuine and ingenuous service to the clients. Our mission to cater excellence opened innumerable doors for us. Today, our portfolio includes everything from the residences of the elite of the city to retail branches and corporate offices of HDFC and ICICI as well as showrooms of BMW and Rolls-Royce. Yet, there is no stopping. *We dream of making Swapna Srushti a national brand*. We want our brand to be an inspiration for the posterity in terms of quality, authenticity and integrity. ‘Make in India’ has been our mantra since the inception and we encourage everyone around us to support the local artisans and craftsmen. Swapna Srushti is not just a design firm; it is an organization that takes pride in leading the way for socially conscious businesses.
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Our Skills We toil to integrate the client’s needs and requirements to a practical and aesthetically appealing design, thus giving the best that we can. The team at Swapna Srushti ensures that each move in the project targets towards an exemplary product.


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