What we do


Swapna Srushti aims to provide excellence in every service offered. Over three decades we have designed and executed projects for all types of commercial as well as residential spaces, including retail branches and corporate offices of banking giants such as HDFC and ICICI and luxurious car showrooms of Rolls Royce and BMW. We design and execution of varied spaces such as showrooms, banks, ATMs, workshops , retail outlets, salons, restaurants as well as all types of residential spaces. Our services include designing, estimation, civil construction, furniture-making along with complete electrical and plumbing operations.

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Turnkey Contracting services

From design to execution – we will do it all! Swapna Srushti will be responsible for the design, estimation, execution as per approved drawings, procurement of material, labour contractors as well as the entire project management for the space. In all, if you come to Swapna Srushti with a vision about a space, we will make sure that we can convert that vision into reality.

Consultation and Project Management

Swapna Srushti also offers consultation, supervision and project management services. In such cases, the labour as well as the material is procured by the client.

Project Execution

Similar to the Turnkey model, we will take care of everything except for design. We will execute the entire project as per the design approved by the client’s architect/designer.

Repair & Maintenance Services

We also offer Repair and Maintenance services for our commercial clients. Based on yearly contracts we are, in this model, responsible for every micro and macro repair and maintenance services.

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