Swapna Srushti Interior Projects LLP was founded as Joint venture between families of Lt.Mr.Vidhyut Shah and Mr.Shamil Shah in which currently each family holds 50% stake.
“Simplicity is the ultimate form of Sophistication.” – Leonardo Da Vinci
Our founder Mr.Vidhyut Shah might not have known this quote when he started his journey in 1988. But with simplicity woven into his character, it was bound to be reflected in his designs. With a simple aim of satiating his passion of design and hard work , Mr. Vidhyut Shah founded “Swapna Srushti” under the name of his wife Ms.Saneeta Shah as proprietorship firm in 1991 .
Quality Workmanship

Spanning over 20 years


Having started off with small private residential projects to creating stunning automobile showrooms and corporate banks, he made his name through quality workmanship and utmost professional integrity. Spanning over 20 years of relentless hard work and commitment by Mr.Vidhyut Shah, company earned a great name for itself with projects and clients across Gujarat and parts of Rajasthan till 2017. His passion for designing along with an unflinching determination and capacity for hard work, helped him to take company to such heights.

Growth - Profitability challenges and Resilience


Company faced a growth stagnancy from 2012 to 2017 and difficult financial performance during 2015-2017. Despite of facing severe health challenges, Mr.Vidhyut Shah didn’t want to give up on this company and employees. In order to improve company’s financial performance, boost growth and also to bring organizational transformation, he asked his nephew – Mr. Shamil Shah to join as Chief-Operating Officer in 2017 and lead the company. His rich corporate experience and business acumen made it possible for him to achieve significant milestones in terms of growth and profitability just within one year of joining. What worked in his favor was his strong academic background and his previous experiences of Project Management, Contracts Administration, and Procurement with the much-respected Tata Group for 7 years.

Restructuring and New Company Formation


Later on, the company underwent restructuring to become a Limited Liability Partnership. The idea was to take advantage of the business acumen, corporate exposure, and entrepreneurial skills of Mr. Shamil Shah along with the strong foundation and goodwill built by Mr. Vidyut Shah. During the restructuring, Mr. Swapna Vidhyut Shah and Mrs. Saneeta Vidhyut Shah joined the company as designated partners. Mr. Swapna Shah handles some key accounts and leads another business of D.W. Merchandise LLP, while Mrs. Saneeta Shah helps the company with the payments & account function.

Fruits of Restructuring & new records


After restructuring, company’s main focus has been on turnkey interior project execution. Due to change in strategy and by implementing organizational transformation, it has now increased its revenues by 5 times within just 5 years. Swapna Srushti Interior Projects LLP has now expanded its reach into retail outlets, banquets, restaurants and hotels, and large-scale corporate offices, where it did not have a presence so far. Now, the company operates in entire northern and western parts of India, expanding its presence from only 2 states to 10 states, including Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi NCR, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Maharashtra.

Future Aspirations


Today our aim is to emerge as the leading turnkey interior contractor in India by offering top of-the-line quality, costs, and speedy execution for our clients. We put our best foot forward to provide the highest standards of customer service and professional integrity. Our strong values and commitment set us apart from others. We firmly believe in the “Make in India” concept and aim to uplift local communities by sourcing most of the work locally. This is why we have successfully established long-lasting and meaningful relations within our community. Our partners have full faith in our ability and conviction, our truthfulness and professionalism.